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Hi all. The next couple of days (I hope) I’m not having internet at home. Since the heat was turned up my modem was acting up every now and then but since yesterday evening it’s not acting at all.

This means that the only internet I’m left with is at work. Not that this is a very bad thing and I’ll live through it, but I won’t be on-line in the evenings for some time unfortunately.

So yesterday evening I smacked my Starwars IV – A new hope tape in the VCR and enjoyed one of thé classic science fiction movies. It just never gets boring that movie, truly great.

After part IV I made a start with V but there must have been a dull moment because at about twenty past one I woke up, tape was done, TV only showed static and the tape had rewinded to the beginning …

Because at that moment I could feel just about every bone in my back, shoulders and neck I went to bed and tried to get a couple of hours of sleep before the alarm clock would wake me.

Tonight I’m getting in earlier, because this wasn’t the best of nights as you might be able to imagine.

Use the force Luke,

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