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Life without the internet

Hi all. Day two, and counting …

Well folks to tell you the truth there actually is life possible without the internet :-) Not that I would mind for it to come back (at all doh!), but I have found out that I can get through the night without it.

Yesterday I finished Starwars part V (The empire strikes back) and took VI (The return of the Jedi) along for the ride. So the classic trilogy is finished now. On to the two Starwars DvD’s I have and then it’s time to either have my internet back or change the theme a bit :-)

The thing is that I just don’t want to have watched my entire video and DvD collection by the time I get my internet back. They add up to a total of about two hundred seventy five or so movies so at two movies a night that would mean no internet for the rest of the year almost … :-|

Hope it’s back soon,

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