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2010: Space …

Hi all. Hehe, I hear you thinking: poor guy, he didn’t get his ADSL up yet and watched both the 2001 and 2010 Space Oddities to get passed another evening.

Well not exactly. One of the main reasons once wanted internet in the first place is that I like pictures. Preferably crystal clear wallpaper sized pictures of for example sports and other cars, motor bikes, airplanes, screenshots of games, etc. You can’t beat the internet for getting good shots of everything you like.

Oh and yes there is the occasional photo model also, because you just can’t browse one Google page without getting across one or two. Not that I mind terribly of course but sometimes you’re just after that one good shot of a Gulf Ford GT40. And when you finally find it there’s some girl lying on the nose … life’s tough :-)

When I’m browsing for pictures I save all the ones I want to save in a default folder to sort them out later on when there’s time. This hasn’t been done for a couple of weeks now and when I looked yesterday I had no less than … yes you guessed it: 2010 pictures to browse through and sort out. Can you imagine the space that takes up? Yeah I know and a small ‘wow’ escaped my mouth also, trust me.

So I fired up my trusty ACDSee and when that nifty little program was done getting the thumbnails ready (which took the bugger about 32 seconds … :-) I started with sorting out the lot. When I finished (my movie was beginning so …) I had gotten half way so there is some sorting out to tomorrow also. I guess this is the time to do these things as usually it just takes up too much time.

The movie I watched was Crimson Rivers and strangly enough it began at eighteen to ten last night. What a silly time to begin a movie I hear you think and I agree. The only thing I can think of is that it had something to do with me pressing play on some remote control unit … *grin* Anyway it was quite a good movie (well it’s mine so it shoold be I guess) with the French actor Jean Reno as the main character, who’s characters I normally like very much.

And in case you wondered: my internet is still out. But I’m getting passed the evenings nicely so far.

‘Oh my god, it’s full of stars …’

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