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Last weekend

Hi all. Well there really isn’t that much to report I’m afraid. As usual I worked the Saturday, working on my dads new system. Yes he’s finally taking the big step to Windows XP so nothings lost yet ;-)

Then on Saturday evening I tried to beat Bas at snooker again, but didn’t manage to do that unfortunately. Three frames for him versus my two means he won. The good news is that he’s somewhat behind in the Best of one hundred frames competition he and I are playing so I’m not worried yet *grin*

On Sunday morning I slept until somewhere around seven and couldn’t sleep more than that unfortunately. Believe me I tried but I got out of bed at nine. Oh well, this way the day is nice and long I suppose. No harm done.

I first cleaned up a bit (both myself and then the house ;-) and put some wash in the machine, simple household stuff like that. Then I messed with Otto for a bit, who keeps surprising me every now and then. He’s still one funny bird. Crazy as can be, but they say that birds tend to imitate the ones they are around the most so that figures I guess *grin*

Then I finished my own computer, which I reinstalled again. The only thing I now need is my internet back and I’m back on track. Man I miss my internet so much. It’s funny how something simple like that can make such a difference when it’s gone :-)

Biek still off-line,

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