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No more Fiat

Hi all. It all seems so long ago since I got that wicked Fiat (from now on known as F(ar away)iat ;-) to take the place of my trusty Seat. Fiat bad, Seat good, remember? Well all that misery (and some back pain too, allthough that could easily have been my imagination I guess ;-) went away when this afternoon I picked up my new ride for long times to come.

It’s a relative to the Seat, hmm, we’ll call her the spoiled niece ;-) She’s black, has 5 doors but isn’t a wagon. In the front a 1.9 liter engine is doing it’s very best to propel her to unimaginable speeds but she just doesn’t get to the ‘oh my god’ level when ‘shooting’ away at the traffic lights.

Which is fine by me, really. Anyone knowing me will tell you that if there’s one thing I like it’s to just blast away and usually drive at somewhat high(er) speeds as long as there’s room on the highway. With this new treasure I can only do the latter which I guess is not too bad considering I’m getting it from my boss and all. Besides most of the time I’m driving highways and pretty early in the morning so you wont hear me complaining, no not at all.

Well I’m off, driving into the sunset,

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