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Love at first drive

Hi all. Yesterday evening after I got home I took her for a spin to get the driving seat in the right position, fine-tune the radio, stuff like that. The ‘cruising’ part (see yesterdays post, hehe, whoohoo, make way! ;-) goes well, very well even, so I’ll be enjoying countless hours and thousands of miles of pure driving pleasure again, without having to pull myself out of them nasty Fiat seats whenever I’m there. Cool.

About two hundred and eighty kilometers later I came home without a care in the world … well lets just say it needed testing, or at least that’s my excuse *grin*

On the seats I have now I could go on for hours and hours but I’ll suffice telling you that they’re good. And I mean really good. When I first got that Fiat I only drove it home for about 2 miles and even then I almost weren’t able to get out if it because of the ache in my lower back. Man I missed my Seat, that soon already.

But not anymore baby! Yeah! Them Germans may well be weird peolple but they sure as hell know how to make good seats I tell you. Rock hard and with a firm shape so you don’t roll around on them in every corner (and I do mean even the slower ones), nicely adjustable in height and angle. This is just what the doctor ordered. I tell you folks, seats don’t get better than these.

*GRIN* I can be so charmingly chaotic sometimes, but bare with me please. I just overlooked what I got in this post so far and noticed that I haven’t even mentioned what her name is … doh! Come on Biek, focus! LOL So here goes:

She’s a Volkswagen Polo, 5 door, 1.9 SDI (which must mean something like Slow Diesel Inside I guess hehe) in the Athene edition. This has nothing to do with the Olympics by the way, in case you wondered.

So this means she’s a little smaller than the Seat but that’s only in lenght so inside it’s just the same. Only more equiped and complete. She also has those very nice blue dials which are both cool and easy on the eyes.

I’m in love again :-)

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