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The archives and past

Hi all. Some of you have already notice the ‘old’ Blog appearing on this one. You can find it in the archives bit (The When) on the right. It starts from the end of two thousand and one and will eventually go on until about the end of March two thousand and two.

Only if you want to know the whole Biek I can tell you to go and read it. Don’t expect all good news as it simply isn’t. Sorry. I’m having a really hard time reading it all and copy and pasting it in here. So I can’t blame you if you’re going to pass on this one.

I know that half a year in history ain’t too much but when I started it I could not have known what the future had in store for me. And when you read it you’ll understand why I had to quit around that period. There are also some fragments left of the period after that one which are some loose bits between the old and current Blog and I might put them up also.

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