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I work too long

Hi all. No this is not my mother telling me so take it easy. I almost whish it was her, because then there might have been a chance I could have worked around the situation.

No folks, it get’s even better. It comes from my employer for crying out loud! Yes that’s right. My department head just called me into her office to have a little chat and she said I’m at work too long … And that’s not even the bad news. The really irritating part is that she told me that Philips just doesn’t want me to be inside the building at my desk for more hours than they have me on planning!

In other words they have scheduled me in for eight hours a day, so when I’m here earlier I have to leave early! Or come in later. Believe me folks it just doesn’t get any stranger than this. Here they are, they’re having a employee who doesn’t care to be here for more than the usual amount of hours and they simply tell, no wait make that order me to go home!

As you might have read in previous posts I’m carpooling with Erik my friend. This means that I have at least one hour extra each day simply because my working hours don’t completely match with his. Philips now just about tells me ‘Listen, we don’t care where you are during those extra hours, as long as you’re not behind your desk’ ‘But I don’t care. I like my work.’ ‘Well we don’t care either, so get lost. See what you do with those hours for yourself, we just don’t want to see you here during them’

So much for liking your job too much. B*stards. Philips just got herself some serious points deducted from Biek’s favorite employers list, trust me.

Mind you that it’s not my department head I have a grunge against, after all it’s not all her idea. But it’s just plain sad to more or less be told by Philips to get lost. Now I’ll have to punish my allready pretty tired mind to find somesort of sollution around this all as it would be a shame to have to wait in the car in front of the building for that extra hour a day. Not me.

Maggots. No really, they’re clearly not in their right minds. Trust me.

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