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Not enough … d*mn!

Hi all. Well I have to be honest with you people. Yesterday I really tried to get my Monster Ranking (if only temporarily) below Bas’ so I could brag to him about it a little. Ever since we started we’re always discussing lap times so why should a Monster Ranking be any different.

Unfortunately as it turns out he has also been doing a little driving for himself and now, even though yesterday I managed to take some forty nine plus seconds of my own rank, I still (or again … ;-) need another forty five seconds to tie.

The only comfort I have is that he’ll probably won’t be taking forty something seconds off every time he fires up Grand Prix Legends so I might be able to catch up eventually. Hey a guy can dream ;-)

Now the funny part of all this is that it reflects exactly what I’ve been saying for some time now, being that he’s the better one when it comes to putting down the fastest laps. Weather or not I’m still the more consistent in races is something we’ll see in the next season of DSZ competition I guess. But I think I already know the answer *grin*

Speaking of which … when do they start again? Hmm, need to look that up. And fast. Wouldn’t miss that.

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