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Snooker mess last night

Hi all. What can I say … I mean it was a small disaster. At least my bit was. We had to call Jaap just about directly from his sickbed, Bas was having a little back problems and I was still recovering from a lot.

Lucky for us the first game of competition snooker for the upcoming season was played against the other team from our snooker center. They are quite a bit better but that’s just the challenge we need sometimes.

Personally I like playing a much better opponent very much. First of all you can learn so very much from how they solve problems, second I can concentrate so much better when I know each simple mistake can cost me a frame.

However last night was not one of the better nights when it comes to snooker. I just couldn’t get my act together and potted a very sad couple of balls.

Bas was the only one winning one frame so we were not completely white washed, but it wasn’t pretty. Eight to one is not exactly the score you’d like to start a new season with.

We’ll be back.

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