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Hi all. Yesterday a unexpected but very nice thing happened to me. I was having a race weekend with Bas when all of a sudden Msn notified me of a new incoming message. When I’m with Bas we hook up LAN to the internet so we can go where ever we like.

The person sending me that message was HG, who I had never talked ‘live’ to before, and we chatted for a short while. Hopefully we’ll be able to talk lots more in the future when my modem is back, as she’s very nice to talk to. She didn’t had much time unfortunately. The time difference between us is eight hours in her benefit so it might be a challenge thinking up a time when we’re both online.

This sudden chat reminded me of a similar event years ago. It was the very first time I talked to a good friend of mine, after first chatting with her for a couple of months. I met her on-line during my first weeks of chatting and from the beginning we really got along great. However taking the step and meet was something that took some time as it’s always strange to meet as friends, knowing each other pretty good but without ever seeing one another.

At that time I was only working at the law firm IT department for a couple of weeks and my friend and me had been thinking of meeting a couple of times, but just didn’t get to it. When I started to work in Amsterdam at the law firm things looked brighter as I then was just about half the country closer to her. Now it was only eighty five kilometers …

One afternoon my boss, the head of our IT department and systems manager, called me and said he had a ‘heavily breathing female’ on the phone … for me … Believe me I had quite some explaining to do as soon as I laid down the phone.

This was of course my friend who decided to take the first step and give me a ring. Later on I she explained to me she had been dancing with her daughter before, hence the heavy breathing ;-)

When yesterday afternoon my Msn notified me that HG had typed something of a nice riddle in my direction I felt the same feeling I had on the phone back then. A nicely exiting but somehow uncertain feeling, mainly because I’m not that great in making first contacts. However this time I think it turned out fine :-)

A dejavu can be a nice thing sometimes,

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