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Guess who’s back (for now)

Hi all. Sorry for not keeping you up to speed on me for the past week. As they say bad luck never comes in one go, somehow it’s usually an evil twin for as far as I’m concerned.

Last Saturday I was so happy to take my repaired modem back home with me only to see and hear it go out of order just about an hour and fifteen minutes later. Not responding on anything I did it now is back at the store again and gets send away again. Hope they a) fix it for good and b) do that a hell of a lot faster than they did last time, although I’m not that confident they will … them b*stards!

Then I got sick in the weekend. I felt it creeping on to me during the Sunday but it really started to kick butt during the rest of the week. I’ll make a short overview of my week …

Monday – pretty sick
Tuesday – really sick
Wednesday – thinking it got little better
Thursday – knowing it didn’t
Friday – felling whole lot better
Today – back on track

Then some fortune telling:

Tomorrow – hope to stay that way
Monday – back to work baby!

So … That just about sums up my week which was in one word … bad. What I missed probably the most is work, strange as that may sound. As I’m feeling much better now I hope it at least stays that way and hopefully improves a bit so I at least I can go to my work again.

I’ll keep you posted, thanks for waiting.

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