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‘The’ frame is mine!

Hi all. Finally yesterday evening I was able to clinch the one frame I was still needing to be the victor of Bas and mine Best of one hundred frames friendly competition.

And it’s not that I won that one with much glory and miles ahead of him. No Sir, it sure took quite some hard work I tell you.

Picture this: You’re playing a best of one hundred frames match. You get ahead so much that almost in the end the score is fifty for you and thirty six for your opponent. This means you have to win ‘just one more’ …

The next thing that happens is that you loose no less then SEVEN frames in a row! before finally getting that one frame needed to win the match.

Trust me folks, it just doesn’t get any more frustrating than that. Sure, Bas had to win another nine frames to keep me from getting the final one but still … I could kick myself for messing up that much frames. Unbelievable.

I guess it’s only honest to say I didn’t enjoy that last couple of frames as much as I did the first seventy. Really. And I’m also afraid that might have affected the evenings a little. Not that I’m a very bad looser (or at least I like to think I’m not) but I don’t like giving the frames away the way I was doing.

So I’d like to apologize to Bas for being a bit of a grumpy guy over the past couple of weeks, it’s no total fun to hang around when I’m like that I guess. I’ll try and better my life, promise :-D

We’ve already started the next series so whish us luck ;-)

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