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The winning mood

Hi all. There’s nothing like winning a snooker match convincingly for boosting the moral in a team folks, trust me. I’ve seen it happen with my own eyes. Our team joined up for another cosy raining night, as we try have each Tuesday and as usual I picked up Bas at home and then continued to Nijmegen where we play.

Just about the whole drive over there we talked about their victory over the other team last Thursday. Man was he exited about it, and frankly why wouldn’t he be. I mean it was a great win and I’d be over the moon too.

Then we arrived at Matchroom’s and began our training frames. If we weren’t in a nice mood then already, it sure would have gotten a boost when Jaap came in. Had I been a wizard (other than with my Lotus 49 … hahaha) I certainly would have let the place light up like a Christmas tree, just to let it match his mood.

I lost both of them for the first fifteen minutes or so as they were busy talking about their victory. Words like ‘overkill’ ‘massacre’ ‘we’re great’ … stuff like that. Again a pity I missed it, really.

Suddenly Jaap must have realized that I was kind of missing out on the whole party/victory thing because he then claimed that had I been there in the form I was in the Tuesday before, the other team might have considered quitting snooker all together. That helped :-)

Here I was thinking I was good at motivating people … I tell you it does something special to you when you’re on the receiving end of a moral boost instead of trying to give them. You have to love these guys and I wouldn’t want to miss them. Ever. I think I could (but only if I would have to) miss snooker, but not those blokes.

Oh, the snookering part of last night went surprisingly great. I had some nice and some better frames between the lot and had a genuine great night. Time flies when you’re having good fun, and does so with incredible speed (I think it has a love hate relationship with light and simply tries to match up ;-) so in the end the night was again way to short.

Let’s keep this spirit up guys, I like it and it’s a good one!

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