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The speed of light

Hi all. Do you all know the song ‘Don’t stop me now’ from Queen that has the line ‘I’m traveling at the speed of light’ in it? This morning I finally understood what that must have been about. Here’s a little part of it:

I’m a shooting star leaping through the sky
Like a tiger defying the laws of gravity
I’m a racing car passing by like Lady Godiva
I’m gonna go go go there’s no stopping me
I’m burning through the sky yeah
Two hundred degrees that’s why they call me Mr. Fahrenheit
I’m travelling at the speed of light
I wanna make a supersonic man out of you

Please note that would Erik, my car-pooling friend ;-), have been with me this morning, that last ‘you’ would have had to be him. The supersonic man. Hah, I’m almost falling off my chair grinning about the thought of the very idea, hahaha. You’d have to be there one morning to see what I mean LOL

Luckily (and that’s for the both of us) he’s having holidays now, so I needn’t to worry about him while I was attempting to break a land speed record for normal black VW Polo’s. Not that he minds a quick tour (or maybe he just gave up and bares with me, I’m not sure ;-) but there are simply things you can and things you can’t (or shouldn’t) do when having a passenger in your car who’s lovely wife kind of expects you to return him in one piece, with a healthy level of adrenaline and trusts me with the responsibility of … well … bringing the chap home every night *grin*

Anyone who’s ever been my passenger knows that there are all sorts of ‘small’ things about other drivers that can annoy me while driving. One major one is people driving too slow. And I don’t mean the ones that appear slower when I come blazing down the highway. No I mean the ones doing seventy three on a eighty road or even worse the ones who seem to be driving Miss Daisy on the highway … Aarrgghh (and I mean that literally)

But … I owe a great many thanks for all my motoring colleagues this morning who, apart from one quite attractive lady in a nice dark blue BMW 5 Touring who really can’t be blamed but was terribly in my way for a lifetime lasting 3 minutes, all seemed to take notice of that almost invisible Polo (yes Sir, stealth mode was ‘on’ :-) which must have had a red glowing nose not unlike the space shuttle when it’s entering the atmosphere while returning to earth. Nasa-red is what we’ll call it from now on.

Now I was going to give you a little calculation about how far my travel was (about fifty five kilometers) and what time it took me this morning (about forty minutes) but I’m not sure that’s a wise thing to do, with childeren reading this and stuff, so maybe I’ll get back on that in a future post, who knows … ;-)

SDI from now on means no less than Supersonic Daredevil Inside.

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  1. Anonymous
    Dec 25, 2004 at 10:56

    Not only children can read your
    “how to do 55 km in about 40 minutes”
    mothers do too……..(and worry about you!)

  2. Dec 25, 2004 at 11:06

    Whoops, sorry mom, I’ll better my life ;-)

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