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Hi all. In my humble opinion there are two ways of having a white Christmas. One way is the traditional way: snow. You know, that cosy white blanket that’s covering the world when you first wake up or the new tracks you’re car is making because you’re the only one (or at least the first one) going to work that day. Basically it’s the picture you see on a default Christmas card.

Then there’s the white Christmas I stumbled across this (Sunday that is) morning: fog. You know, fog is a cloud that’s having difficulty’s judging the height it’s on so because it can’t sink into the ground it just lays there, waiting for people to drive through.

The effect of fog this morning was that the overall speed on the highway dropped to almost below zero (it seemed people where trying to get that snowy white Christmas after all I think) and everybody was driving very carefully, which at these moments I can only approve. I think fog is the most dangerous situation of all weather types because on some moments you just can’t even see more than 15 feet in front of you. So when it comes to slowing down this is one of those rare occasions that I’m all for it.

Unfortunately it appeared some people managed to be a little too close together because when I was trying to get from the A73 to the A50 all traffic came to a halt and from then progressed only inch by inch. After about fifteen to twenty minutes (and having moved about 5 meters) I saw two of those yellow tow trucks passing us on the emergency lane and I thought ‘there goes the next hour or so’ because they usually don’t appear when nothing happened.

Luckily it didn’t take long afterwards before we were driving at reasonable speeds again and I was only about half an hour late at my Christmas date. The ‘date’ by the way was very nice. We played my Star Wars Monopoly with all seven of us and even though I’ve never won that game (and probably never will ;-) it’s still good fun to read that my droid has won second price in a beauty contest, hahaha. The game however took a very long time and in the end was stopped because of that. Having the most Galactical Credits and almost all the streets my dad was pronounced the winner. Nice going dad!

Then there was the Christmas diner ( … it’s inevitable Mr. Anderson … LOL) but that was just great. I’m not sure what the English term for it is but we call it gourmet. Everyone has a little pan of his or her own and the table is covered with ingredients. The fun is that you simply kind of make your own diner, choosing your desired ingredients which where things like chicken, some beef, orange fish (yes yes, we found Nemo and he tasted great ;-) some vegetables and sauces to make it complete. Then there where a couple of salads and bread so all in all my dads girlfriend, who was our friendly host, had the diner thing covered nicely :-)

Afterwards we stayed around and talked for a couple of hours (as you can see by the time of this post) before I went home. When I’ve uploaded this one I’ll be off to bed because tomorrow I’m going to surprise a colleague of mine who’s then having his very last day at work. We all said good-bye last Friday but I was working on a DvD about Ferrari, one of his passions, and I simply was unable to finish it in time. It’s done now so all I need to do is burn it and get it to Best. He’ll like it, I’m sure.

Good night folks, sleep well.

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