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“That was fast”

Hi all. Well unfortunately I’m not referring to the peoples reactions on my lap at Le Mans anymore since someone (who’s name shall remain a secret but he runs in the same on-line racing competition I do for crying out loud! Congratulations of course Ruud, nice lap ;-) already beat my lap time and did so in a quite convincing way I’m afraid.

No with the title I meant the time it took the next World Record holder to come along and take my first place away from me. Of course there never was any doubt in my mind that my lap time would eventually get beaten, it was merely a matter of ‘when’ instead of ‘if’ … I just hoped it would have lasted a little longer that’s all.

Nonetheless I had a World Record to my name and it lasted about eight straight hours and who can still say that these days :-)

Add to that our eight frames to one defeat with snooker competition last night and you might understand why I have had not the best of sleeps and why right now my head hurts like crazy …

Yeah I’m sad. But in time I’ll get over it, no worries.

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