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Here, fishy fishy

Hi all. Last night after ‘working’ at my dads store I stayed for diner and we had a fish gourmet for diner. And I mean a lot of fish. Butterfish to be exact, allthough I’m not sure if that’s a good translation …

Boy I ate a lot of that fishy folks, maybe just a little too much. When I woke up just now … ugh … We had a total of one and a half kilograms of that butterfish and I estimate I did about half of it and dad and Margot the other half together. And with that the accompanying breads, salads, and so on. The thing with these gourmets is that you eat too much because the tempo you eat in is a lot slower. (Better even?)

Maybe next time I’ll remember this and take it a bit easier, because this was a over the limit. Also I think I’m not used to this type of food. For myself I cook reasonably simple, usually pasta’s or rice meals. Mainly because I like them of course but another great bonus is that they are easy to do and take up little time. Not that I terribly mind cooking, but my evenings are quite short as it is anyway so every minute gained is a good thing. And as cooking this way is pretty light on the stomach I think I’ve gotten used to that and anything a tad more greasy means there’s hell to pay the next morning.

And that’s … euhm … now …

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