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To boldly go …

where no-one in their right state of mind would even consider going in those cars and at those speeds …

Hi all. Yesterday evening I watched a collection of classic Formula One movies I found on the internet. They (that’s my movies, not the actual Formula One mind you) started at around the thirties and went up to about halfway the seventies. Trust me watching those movies does something to me. To me those days represent an era of high speed, uncompromising danger and above all: cold blooded heroism. These guys conquered the worlds most dangerous tracks in the worlds most dangerous racing cars without showing the slightest sign of fear. But then again, maybe that’s just due to the sometimes bad quality of the video footage …

Maybe what’s been buzzing through my mind the most where the crashes, which happened rather frequently then in comparison to todays Formula One races where they are more and more a rare sight. The ‘problem’ with these old cars is that they are so strong, the only de-formable thing of a racing car was the driver himself. Which means that in a crash, all energy had to be absorbed by the driver who, of course, was seldom able to do so in a surviving fashion. My stomach turned while watching those horrifying pictures of multi-car crashes and it makes me feel ever so glad that there actually are still drivers from that era alive today.

Somehow they must have been very, very lucky. Or as one of them said “compared to the modern race car you could not drive these beasts on their limit, because there’s no margin of error. Once you stepped over that line you met an almost certain death.”

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