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Power upgrade

Hi all. I had it all figured out yesterday. I was going to do get somewhat creative with Benz (the Uncle Benz to be exact ;-) and have me some nice chinese food for diner. While consuming that I was going to watch some more classic Formula One movies I had downloaded and doing so filling the evening. Last but not least I was not going to be in bed too late, as I needed to restore some (if not all) internal power levels after our snooker session from last Tuesday. What I was feeling like sounded like this “I can’t do it Captain, I don’t have the power” – Scotty, USS Enterprise NCC 1701 …

So there I was, my pasta bowl (yeah I know it says ‘pasta’, but it’s too easy to ignore) filled to the edge with the chinese food, settled behind my PC and ready to watch some racing. When was watching the first mpeg about ten minutes my eyes were already getting heavy and I had so much trouble staying awake. I know for sure that I watched completely but I have no recollection of what it was about exactly. Yeah, it had something to do with racing …

After waking myself up again with a strong cup of Dark Roast(tm) coffee I started the second movie and had another go at the food. Part II so to speak. Unfortunately that went about the same way the first part one did. There simply was no escaping this, I just had to give in to this sleepiness and get myself to bed. So if anyone called me after seven forty five last night, now you know why there was no answer: I was sleeping …

Halfway through the night however, at about half past one, I woke up with a killer headache. But a bunch of aspirins solved that issue rather quickly and I could get back to sleep pretty soon after, which I did and slept nicely until the alarm woke me. Now I feel more or less revived and definitely a whole lot better than I did yesterday at about this time. You might say I needed it in a way.

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