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Wisdom comes with age … or so they say

Hi all. When I was young and made a mistake the thing I was usually told was that when I would become older I would also become wiser en therefore make less (stupid) mistakes. Stupid is possibly a bit too harsh a word but it comes pretty close to what I am sometimes ;-)

This weekend the Formula One feast will once again burst loose, as usual starting with the Grand Prix of Australia. The only down side I can think of is the time difference between here and there, which is something like eleven hours or so.

So when last night I wanted to see the first qualification of the season live on TV it meant me sitting in front of that big screen at approximately five minutes to three … AM that is. The qualification should last from three to four in the morning, and I was ready for it. Mentally that was, because physically after watching half an hour of racing cars doing their best I just could keep my head straight up and simply had to go to bed. I’m guessing it’s an age thing, so tonight I’ll ask Bas how he does these things *grin*

Tonight by the way is going to be a pretty long night again. Like last night there’s first a qualification (yes again, I know. Not my choice at all but hey, who am I right? If it were up to me … but it simply isn’t.) at around eleven thirty followed closely by a couple of hours of … nothing :S And after these hours the actual race will begin at three AM again. So all in all we’ll be glued to the seats until five thirty I reckon.

And then I’ll head home, aim for the bed and just let go. So don’t expect to get me on the phone or on-line something until way later that afternoon, okay?

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