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Easy going weekend

Hi all. Boy, we’ve got to have more weekends like this one, I’m really getting into this ‘having an extra day off’ kind of business. Very nice indeed. So what did I do with the extra time on my hands. Well …

Two words: Gran Turismo. Version four to be exact. Just like I was with the previous version I’m having the same kind of fun with the brand new one. And who wouldn’t? I mean when fifty tracks and over six hundred and fifty cars can’t satisfy you …

It sure gives me a smile from ear to ear while doing my best to win all those races, licences, driving tests, etc. Doing to also increases my car count in the garage, even with some pretty amazing automobiles. Take for example the ninety seventy one Dodge Charger, the sixty seven AC Cobra and even a Delorean. There’s plenty to choose from and drive with so each should find their favorite car in there somewhere.

And then there are the tracks … I mean that’s just yummy with a capital Y folks. All the ‘old’ GT3 tracks are there and added to that collection are some pretty impressive looking tracks, fictional ones, real ones and some based on real life locations. For example we can now race through the middle New York, Paris and Hong Kong. And my two most favorite tracks of all time are the Le Mans (both with and without chicanes versions) and the massive Nurburgring track. Brilliant stuff, just brilliant.

Yesterday I pushed a Nissan R92CP race car flat out to just over two hundred and forty five miles an hour! That’s almost four hundred kilometers an hour people. Trust me folks, the Mulsanne straight, which is the largest straight on the Le Mans track (specially the version without the chicanes), looks no wider than a bicycle path at those speeds, good lord that’s fast. You barely have time to breath when thundering down that road and the steering get’s kind of nervous … funny eh? ;-)

The sensation of speeds is very good and comes across perfectly on my big screen TV. Even though I love my racing sims on the PC and wouldn’t miss them for the world, I love my PS2 and the couch gaming that comes with consoles in general. Good fun.

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