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The light, the light!

Hi all. Yes yes, I know it’s early but I simply woke up again already and after lying around for a couple of minutes decided that I probably wasn’t going to sleep more anyway so I got up. The past couple of days I have been sleeping really great but also am waking up kind of early. Or after five to six hours tops is better put. Don’t know how or why but so far I’m feeling fine so I’m not complaining.

Last Saturday I’ve been visiting my new niece together with Bas before we went snookering. Like Stefan says she’s all dried up and more or less wrinkle free and looks even more beautiful than she did before. I even got t hold her for a while which was really special. After all it’s not every day that such a sweet little person ends up in my arms. Great!

Then Bas and I went snookering and before we went there he had promised to beat me for making smart remarks and stuff. Point is that he says that a lot and not always actually goes through with it so I wasn’t worried. Well, to make a long story somewhat shorter: I should have. Next time I’m wearing my GT shirt again, no matter what they say ;-) Honestly he played well and deserved to win but I had hoped to be able to give him a little more opposition than I did.

The rest of the ‘race’ weekend (by the way we really need to start calling it LAN weekend I think) we spend watching the Formula One race on Bahrain and playing the new Silent Hunter game which is all about submarines. It’s very cool and quite relaxed in playing so we had great fun underseas.

I’m off for breakfast so talk to you all later.

Oh and I have no idea what I meant with that title … best to simply forget it I guess :-)

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