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Use the force Luke!

Hi all. What are the odds on a VW Polo to outsmart a Porsche Cheyenne on the freeway? Earlier this evening I found out that these odds aren’t as bad as they might seem at first glance ;-)

First things first: I like 4×4’s. The bigger the better and for me they don’t need to be round on any corner at all, after all you’re not racing these things so why bother with smooth curves or a low cw value so it can ‘glide’ through the air. No, not at all. They should look like they were drawn with a ruler only. No curved lines. These things should simply fill up every rearview mirror a ‘normal’ car has (at the same time) and make you feel the sun went behind a cloud for a moment when they pass you by. Meanwhile anything smaller than a Suzuki Wagon R (you know, them funny little lunch-boxes on wheels kind of cars ;-) get’s sucked into the vacuum behind it and go with the flow along the way, powerless to do something about it. (Picture that in your head and try not to smile LOL)

Come to think of it the biggest disadvantage of these huge monsters are more and more often those idiots of persons driving them. For some reason these people seem to think size does matter and the bigger the car the smaller the gap between two driving cars on the freeway they try to fit it in, or at least that’s my impression. Mind you, this is not every one of them out there. But quite a few, too many.

So tonight, while doing my (very) best to get home in time after finishing the late shift at work last night, I was making good time on that little peace of freeway I can use on my route. And there it was, the (by the way insanely blue metallic colored) Cheyenne, traveling quite a lot slower (maybe even just following the speed-limit) and also on the right lane. Then I was coming up behind it and switched lanes to pass it. And just when my front wheel had about reached it’s rear one the (female) driver suddenly noticed that ‘something very small and black’ was going to overtake her Porsche! ‘Well not in this lifetime’ must be close to what she thought and floored the poor wannabe Humvee.

By the way, you might get the impression that I don’t like Porsche’s which is to some extend is true but hasn’t really got anything to do with this particular one. This could have (and in the past has) been any big(ger) car with any driver trying to pull the same stunt. They just don’t learn.

The situation was like this: on the right lane a big truck was calmly traveling at I guess eighty five kilometers an hour. At approximately a hundred and fifty to two hundred meters behind it was the Porsche going a guesstimated hundred and thirty and the UFS&BO (unidentified flying small and black object: me) which had just moved to the left lane did a solidly confirmed hundred and sixty five. I know I know, but I like a said I was in a hurry. Sorry mom, eurhm … emergency? ;-)

And Miss ‘I didn’t just spend a hundred and forty five grand on this peace of blue metal to let it get passed by some toy car’ thought she’d outrun the poor UFS&BO simply by flooring her blue bugger. Honestly I have to admit I was surprised by the capabilities of that son-of-a-car. I mean for a car that size (oh, and that color …) it has d*mn good breaks. (that must be due to some Porsche parts still in there somewhere ;-) She completely misjudged the difference in speed of the UFS&BO and her blue ‘Posh-uh’ (yes yes, intended spelling error ;-) and suddenly saw that big truck in glorious close up before slamming the brakes while doing what looked like a successful ABS test. Congratulations Miss, have one on me.

While her adrenaline level was getting back to a somewhat more normal level, in the distance (far far away) the UFS&BO was already hurtling towards it’s next victim in great style. And for those interested: I did make it home in time, but only just.

Never underestimate the power of the ‘dark’ side *grin*

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