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Submerged weekend

Hi all. Didn’t I tell you we should quit calling these LAN weekends ‘race’ weekends? Well after this one we probably will. We spend just about the entire weekend going through the process of learning to sail a virtual submarine, which may seem quite easy (after all what can go wrong when no-one can see you under water?) but when played on full realism sure is one harsh task.

It’s based around the WWII scenario so therefore we can only have those ‘old’ subs with no fancy LCD screens, no easy point and click targeting, none of that. All we have is good old fashion manual targeting and it’s quite a sport to actually get the fishies to touch the bad guys and go ‘boom’ about one and a half mile away while remaining undetected. The good news is that it’s pretty relaxing to play this as long as things do not get to hectic so we could sail on for hours on end.

You’ll be hearing from us :-)

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