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Fifty fifty weekend

Hi all. How was your weekend? Mine was half good half bad. Saturday was okay, I went to work in my dads shop as usual and later went over to Bas to watch some movie’s and play some snooker later on. I finally was able to beat him again which hadn’t been the case for some time. For some reason just about everything I went for got in and his attempts … well erhm … didn’t ;-)

The Sunday however was a completely different story. I woke up at about seven fifteen which might sound early but is still a couple of hours later than the rest of the week. So that’s nothing to worry about. However what was something to worry about was the pounding headache I woke up with. Last week I was telling my mother how good the past time has been in regard to having headaches and stuff. And just when I was supposed to have a nice family day (and you don’t even want to know half the trouble this year has been before I was even supposed to show up …) I wake up with a head that feels like exploding.

So I took an amount of aspirins which should get it out of the way (very) quickly but Mother Nature had other plans in mind. This meant I had to call my own mother and tell her the bad news. She was a little disappointed but understanding of course and whished me all the luck. At that time I had hopes of getting the ache out of my head but the bugger stayed with me the entire day. And I was freezing all day long, man I was cold. The heating had twenty two degrees on it and I was wearing four layers of clothing but it didn’t do me much good all together.

Lucky for me this morning I’m more or less back in the old state I was in before which is not too bad ;-) Only a slight bit of the headache remained and the cold has gone completely. And even if it hadn’t it would have been quite a achievement in keeping cool today because this is the first day of us moving into a new building with the entire Servicedesk. The room is quite nice (and so is the view or so the lady’s tell me ;-) but I’m fearing the afternoon as this is a flat building and has no air conditioning at all so it probably get’s kind of warm later on.

Which me luck folks, I’ll need it …

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