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Easy snooker victory

Hi all. We played another snooker match yesterday and had a relative easy six to three frames victory over the other team.

My first frame was the most relaxed one, but a complete horror to watch. Boy did we give each other chances. If only a small percentage of them actually had gone in, the score would have been much higher for the both of us. While we were scraping the points of the table we couldn’t stop grinning every once and a while as neither of us could help missing all kinds of shots. In the end I had the advantage but it could have went to either of us.

The second was no fun. First of all the guy was very arrogant and did not look happy at all so it was no fun to play him. I partly won the frame because he was playing himself rather than playing me (which is not fair of course, because then it was two to one *grin*) but after every shot he was clearly getting more annoyed, more so because I was able to use my given chances and potted enough points to keep up.

The end of the frame was kind of funny. Bas asked the guy what the difference was and he said that it was nothing, not caring really. Bas asked him again how much and the guy said that it could still go either way, because we both needed the black. Then Bas spoke the historic words ‘yeah, but he’s playing it first’ while pointing at me. I tell you I had trouble keeping my laughter because even though it was not the easiest of shots, the type itself is one I like to play very much. So I potted the black and that was that :-) Frame two was mine.

The one frame I lost was totally deserved as my opponent shot in a very nice thirty three break leaving me only one red and the remaining colors when I finally was back at the table. I potted that red (which was lock tight to the rail so that was simple ;-) and played nice position on the black, which I needed absolutely to be able to win the frame. However just as easy as I potted that red, I missed the black by a long shot so then I immediately needed one snooker.

When my opponent then potted another two colors my game was over fair and square. Good frame though, but a thirty three break simply is hard to get back from on my level.

All three of us had won two frames to one on personal basis to the score was nicely balanced among us. It took us quite a while to get home because the city was undergoing some major rebuilding of all kinds of stuff, keeping us waiting on various points on our way out of there. But in the end we made it of course ;-)

One more match to go and the season is done. We’ll probably see a lot of teams again next year and I’m looking forward to that already.

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