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Race … week

Hi all. Race ‘week’? Yeah well, it’s basically the same thing as having a race weekend only this time Stefan and I held one on our days off this week. I wasn’t feeling all too good but we have so very few chances on doing a bit of racing at all that I decided to go over anyway and see how well it would go.

So now we had both Thursday and Friday to mess around with and we actually did just that. And of course because of me being there at my sister’s and Stefan’s house I also had plenty of quality time with my niece again who is really still quite amazing and is growing into a lovely little girl day by day. Of course I shot a couple of the sweetest pictures of her again which you can see in her photo book already.

Unfortunately these two great days were over before you can say ‘geez, that was fast’ which is kind of sad but also a good sign at the same time. As usual time flies when you’re having fun and so it did.

This morning I’m no too bad but there still is something flu-ey lurking in the back of me and I have no idea what it is. For some reason I’m tiring quite fast and feel sleepy just about all day long. Needless to say that’s very tiresome and frustrating and definitely no fun as it takes the fun out of a lot of things because of this lack of energy and every now and then a accompanying headache.

Looking at it on the bright side I have this entire weekend with nothing planned so I’ll take it easy and get enough rest as I’ve been trying for the past couple of weeks now and I’ll see what that brings. Hopefully I’ll be able to recharge myself a bit so I can at least maintain my concentration at work and function the way I should.

We’ll see …

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