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Need to loose more ;-)

Yup, you’ve guessed it right: we’ve been practicing our snooker game again last night. Since we’re a three guy group we usually let the winner stay at the table and the one who looses take turns with the third.

This has no effect on the guy waiting, as it’s always his turn again when current the frame in progress is finished. For the one who’s in the winning mood it’s a nice reward for winning the frame and this keeps everybody happy.

Unless … When you are a frequent visitor to my site you should know that both Bas’ and my back aren’t exactly the best ones around so from time to time we really don’t mind loosing the occasional frame as it gives us just the little rest we need to do another one, and so on and so forth.

The only down side I can think of using this system of playing is this. When, on a average Tuesday night, you just happen to have a little ache in your back to begin with and just happen to be unbeatable at the snooker table that night, you might just happen to feel like a train wreck when you wake up in the morning, wondering what the heck happened …

Guess what happened last night …

Well, thank you. But as much as I’d like to take credit for winning everything last night I did actually loose one frame. However knowing how my back feels at the moment it wouldn’t have been that bad a thing to have lost a couple more.

But you could say that this system always ends with both good and bad news. When the good news is you won, the bad news is you’ll probably feel it during the rest of the week. Should the bad news be that you lost, the good news is you’re like a new person the next morning.

Either way we win, which is what keeps us coming back for more :-)

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