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I am too

But I’m not felling like the whole nine yards of Biek unfortunately. Last week I have been at home for two days with pretty bad headaches. Saturday was more or less okay, although in the evening I was getting the aches back again. A couple of friendly colored pills tried to do wonders but succeeded only barely. Hey, at least they tried, right?

Sunday morning (at around 07.00 for crying out loud) it was a bit better again but during the day it still came back again. Last night I slept a good night sleep and that helped a little but I need more sleep (or something else/stronger) I think.

Now that I’m at work it’s bearable but not comfortable. I’ll see what happens during the day/week but when there are no changes I’m afraid I’ll need to be wise and visit the doctor to let him share his thoughts on this issue.

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