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Break a leg

With all this warm weather I’m trying to stay as cool as possible when it comes to clothing. I have these Levi’s shoes and they feel surprisingly well without the laces in, so I have been walking on them this way for some time now.

In the beginning there was some getting used to the loose fit but now it’s even feelings quite comfortable. The only down side is that now I haven’t got the shoe tight on my feet, something I all of a sudden realized yesterday evening when I came home.

I live in a apartment on the first floor so I have these steps to get up and down from every day and the up part went a bit wrong yesterday. When I stepped up I slipped and smashed down on the stairs, ripping my right leg right open. Blood all over, I felt like being eleven all over again ;-)

Lucky for me I never wear any shorts but my leg didn’t get much prettier with that action. And now it itches while healing. I shouldn’t be scratching, but it’s driving me nuts. And they (as in the grownups) say that’s a good thing, the itching …

Could be, but still … ;-)

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