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It’s getting better all the time

Unfortunately I’m not talking about my sim racing skills, nor am I trying to bring back good old memories of the Beatles glory days.

Nope, this time I’m simply talking about me. I’ve not been feeling that well over the past couple of days/week and to my relieve it’s getting slightly better day by day. I’m still not ideally feeling inside but q whole lot better than I was in the beginning of this week.

It’s a comforting thought that we’re getting closer to the weekend now because then I’ll have the time to take it easy and get some good night sleeps hopefully. Yeah, I’ll sort that out with Bas, no worries :-)

On the other hand I’m really looking forward to a LAN weekend again, as it feels like ages ago since we had one and we need to practice, practice, practice. November is coming and coming fast and we’re not ready. Yet. Okay maybe not ready at all, but we’re trying :-)

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