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Off the grid

After this ridiculous long period of me not posting anything I’m not sure where or how to begin. The thing is that nothing much happened actually, I’ve just been busy with all sort of things and didn’t think it about the site for a couple of days. Yeah I know, that sounds as strange to me as it may do to you.

However I’ll give you the highlights of the past two weeks so at least you haven’t missed anything ‘important’ going on in my life.

The biggest news I guess is me getting a promotion of some sort by moving on from the service desk to the local support team at Philips where I work. This means a different style of work and more contact with the people I’m helping all day, which was just about the biggest thing I missed from previous places I worked at. So this is going to be a good and interesting period for me work-wise.

And less than a week after I heard that good news my boss kind of thought it would be good to go on holiday for a couple of weeks to get myself completely recharged and ready to dive right into my new function. So to cut things short: this is week one of my two week holiday and I have to admit that it’s not that bad.

My mother rang me up yesterday, asking me what was wrong. She had sent me an email and hadn’t gotten a replay so she figured I was ill. ‘It’s even worse’ I told her, ‘I have vacation’ ;-) But now that I’m in day three the idea isn’t feeling all that bad. I’ll just sit this one out studying and cleaning up the house and see if I want another one next year. Who knows.

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