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Too short days

Not sure of you’re familiar with situations like this but my days are becoming chronically way too short. For some reason I have so much to do all of a sudden and I think it might be a little over the top.

I say ‘for some reason’ but of course I do know what’s using up more time than I have. It’s partly work, which is all new and exiting but at the same time can be exhausting because of the catching up I need to do in order to get the procedures in my head.

Then there is the studying which is coming along fine, but not nearly as fast as I’d hoped to go through the material. I’m making progress each day but somehow I had thought to be able to take bigger steps.

And on top of that all kinds of competitions I’m involved in have began. Three of them to be exact. Snooker competition, and both for GTR and GPL new seasons of racing have began so all that will keep me pretty busy for the upcoming weeks/months.

So I’ll be in touch and hopefully that will be a little more than the past couple of weeks but at least now you know why it’s been so quiet over here.

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