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Lovely weekend

This was the kind weekend everyone needs every once and a while. It started off pretty good on Friday when my dad called me and gave me the option to have the Saturday off. After thinking about it for about two seconds I thankfully accepted because I could sure use the extra time off. Great timing!

So the Saturday was even more relaxed than it normally is. I slept a bit longer but was out of bed at around ten already and first did some housecleaning. After that I studied for a couple of hours and then, after doing some shopping, I sat myself down behind the PC and worked some more on my cars.

In the evening and beginning of the night I raced nine Americans on-line on Le Mans and even though most of them were a bit faster than me I was still able to keep up the pace for the first half of the race. Then I made a small mistake and went off track in the Porsche curves, severely damaging my car. It was able to get me to the pit lane (which luckily was nearby at that point of the track) and after repairs I still finished the race, but was two laps down in the end.

This was a classic case of really wanting to drive faster than you normally do/can and I know I can only do that for a small period of time. But not the entire race as that’s just too tense. In the end I still had great fun and that’s what counts.

And my Sunday was … well … perfect :-) With me being so d*mn busy during the weekdays it had been quite a while since I saw little Eva, my sister and bro so we had some catching up to do. Specially with Eva who has grown beyond believe. It’s almost a small child now, instead of the more or less helpless baby I saw a couple of weeks ago. She is growing up so incredibly fast, it’s really unbelievable.

And she’s getting more mobile every day it seems. She’s now perfectly capable of rolling from her stomach to her back and so on and so fort moving around the room. So were you previously could lay her down and get something from the kitchen and find her there when you returned, now you’ll probably find her in a totally different place. It’s a big world to explore and it looks even bigger from ground level :-) Must be pretty exiting for her I can imagine.

And she’s just Miss Happiness herself, I mean you can’t look at her for more than two to three seconds before getting the most adorable smile ever cast your way. And when she’s really having a good time and laughing out loud you can’t help but laughing too. Her laughter comes straight from her heart and goes equally straight in to yours. She’s imply amazing, a true world wonder.

I really got to go there more often, and not in the least since playing a couple of minutes with Eva is enough to recharge me completely.

We also had a little celebration to do because some time ago our GPRT forum hit five hundred posts and we thought that was quite a milestone. So we decided that a movie was a good option to have a little feast and we watched the third in line of the Harry Potter series, which was an okay movie. We’re almost up for the next party as since then the post count on the forum has almost reached seven hundred posts now … I think I’ll start thinking about which movie is next :-)

Anyway I had a great day and I made a promise, to both my sister and bro and myself, not to let the next time I come there be taking as long as this one.

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  1. Odiel
    Oct 6, 2005 at 12:34

    Heej Bikester,

    Wat fijn dat je zo’n geweldig weekend hebt gehad.
    Ontroerd lees ik hoe het met Eva gaat en hoe
    ze door de hele kamer rolt en wat er gebeurt als ze naar
    je lacht en glimlacht. Great.
    Big hug van je moedertje,

  2. Biek
    Oct 6, 2005 at 14:55

    Ja, ze is echt de leukste thuis :-) Als ik er vanavond even aan toe kom zal ik de foto’s ff on-line zetten, ben er deze week nog niet aan toegekomen.–>

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