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Good weekend

This is what I weekend should be like more often: nice and easy. I asked (and got) the Saturday off so I had the two whole days to myself. I got up around nine and first did some studying as in the morning I’m better in remembering things, more sharp if you will.

Then I did some necessary housekeeping and some shopping and around one o clock I couldn’t resist any longer and fired up GT Legends, my brand new addiction, because I had some serious driving to do :-)

Those of you who have been following my little writing over here will know that I’m not usually tempted to do some writing about a specific game or, as in this case, racing SIM. But this one is just so incredibly cool … I simply can’t help myself ;-)

GT Legends is a racing simulation which offers us the possibility to drive no less than around twenty five different models of classic racing cars. And for a lot of them there are different paint jobs so in total we have little over ninety different cars to play around with. That’s right: ninety …

But you don’t get to drive them all right from the start, no Sir. You’ll have to earn both the status and cash to be able to drive them. So what do you start with then? A Mini Cooper and a couple of credits spare change.

Mini Cooper? But you said it was a racing simulation, right? Yes I did and trust me, that little Cooper can do some serious hunting on the track. Sure, when it comes to a straight line most of the other cars will leave it eating dust, but when it comes to braking points and speed through the corners that little wonder on wheels will just keep on going where other will have to slow down. ‘Just smile and wave boys’.

The key word here is cup races which you’ll have to finish. And while doing so you’ll win money, bonus and other cars and unlock more tracks so you can race on them outside the cup races and host races on them too.

Right now ‘all’ that’s left to drive are the cup E races which are the long(er) races. Think twenty or sixty lap long to get an idea. I’ve started the FiA TC`65 championship because that’s where I will (finally) win the Ford GT40 :-D

I’ve been hoping for a racing sim that featured that GT40 for as long as I’m playing those sims and finally it’s here. I can’t wait to put my foot down in one of those, it’s got to be awesome. Just awesome.

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