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Because I’m still not able to use my computer I’ve Sunday started to watch the 24 series on DvD. Stefan had told me he liked it very much and loaned me the first season, or day if you will, so I could have a look.

But since I love sim racing a whole lot more than watching TV and I’ve been kind of busy lately I just never got round to watch it. Until now of course, with my PC not working I now have more spare time than I want.

So I started Sunday evening with the first day and am now somewhere in hour 9 I think. I have to be honest, it’s good. I like the way it’s put together and since I put in the DvD I’ve not seen a dull moment.

The fact that everything is presented in real time is not brand new (I think Nick of time with Johnny Depp was the first movie that used that principle) but it’s done very nicely, specially since there is more than one story line combined.

Since I haven’t got my spare hard disk yet I’ll probably watch a couple of hours again tonight, and during the reinstallation of my computer tomorrow I can again have a few more. It’s kind of gripping and I really want to know how the day ends now.

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