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Snooker vs. darts

Last night Bas, Jaap and I had planned on doing a couple of frames of snooker instead of our usual Tuesday training night. This was because tonight Bas and I have GPL competition and we obviously can’t play snooker at the same time.

Problem is that when we arrived at the snooker center we were told that Monday nights are usually darts nights. ‘But you said snooker center’ I hear you think. Correct, and that’s exactly what this is about.

Over the years we have gone through quite a couple of adventures in our snooker center. We went from 4 full size snooker tables and one nine foot table to now 3 full size tables and (I think) 5 dart courts. In between we’ve had a couple standard billiard tables and almost a pool table in there too.

A part of me understands this constant changing behavior of the center because after all when looked at it from a commercial point of view the owner is having that place for one purpose: to make money. And looking at myself I can only agree on him saying that darts players simply bring in a lot more money than us snooker players.

But having said that I still think that when you call or advertise yourself as a snooker center your main goal should be to allow the people that come in there to have a chance at a nice, quiet and easy frame of snooker.

And don’t get this wrong, I’m not saying the darters don’t have the right to practice their sport but I just don’t think that the average darter mixes very well with the average snooker playing person. It’s just two completely different styles of spending an evening. And the center owner should know and respect that.

When he decided that he wanted to be a dart center as well he should have expanded the place (which he should have done many years ago already) and give them the opportunity to play their sport in their own part of the hall. And not in between the snooker players.

It’s tough I guess, to stick with a certain business. Specially when times are a bit slow but I think that a slower period is the exact time when you can show all the snooker centers and snooker players in town (and outside of it too) why people come or should come to your place.

From my simple point of view it’s just that simple. Give the people something they can’t get anywhere else and they’ll be lining up to get in. There are more than enough snooker players around to fill that place up night after night.

Just not like it is now. And that’s a shame really, because the table quality is very good and when we have a standard snooker evening it’s a fine accommodation to be in. But every now and then there is this little glitch here and there. And lately they are starting to add up and get on my nerves.

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