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‘Oh boy, here we go again, that Biek has found himself yet another racing sim.’

Not to worry, I knew this one ever since it came out in (I think) the year two thousand. And yes I’ve been racing it quite a lot until I got pulled into the GT’s and the old 1967 Formula One racers from GPL.

The title however sums up in one word what the IFO looks like right now: a quickly put back together NASCAR, ready to race. True, racing is not exactly what that Polo does very well but still it’s the thought that counts. A guy can dream.

Yesterday afternoon I drove to the car repair service to let them have a look at the poor little car and they decided that it was not a very good idea to keep on driving around like this until they could fix the car.

So they took it inside and got rid of some tension while bashing out the hood of the car. After it had been roughly (literally) put back into shape they did the final touches with a couple of straps of good old duct tape.

And that’s why now the IFO looks a bit like a NASCAR with that duct tape on the nose and round the right headlight. Kind of like it has a black eye or something. Sad sight.

But it will be fine again after I get it back from the repair service. They did a fine job the last time so this one probably won’t be any different.

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