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Hot & cool

Cool is the current description that fits Bas’ PC best. And should there be the need for answering questions with a polite two words it would probably be ‘pretty cool’.

The past weekend we’ve been just about rebuilding his entire PC because the thing was running hot. And we mean really hot. Even while we were staring at the PC Health menu in his PC’s bios the temperature was rising to a whopping eighty five degrees centigrade which is much too hot for a CPU.

After placing a extra fan in the back of his case the temperature dropped to a (still too hot) sixty degrees when doing nothing, but quickly climbed when starting a game. So we needed more drastic measures to get the temps under control.

So on Saturday we went shopping and got him a nice new PC case with a couple of fans built in standard, a new CPU cooler (model: hurricane :-) and a bigger power supply because he actually needed that one even before the heat came on.

Then it was time to strip the old case and nicely build everything back into the new one and that looks hot … erhm .. cool … Well, pretty darn fantastic any way.

Now the CPU temp stay at a nice fifty degrees when idle and doesn’t seem to climb that much more when in use so it now runs nice and cool again. Which of course over time will cause everything to last longer.

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