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Good weekend

This last Sunday was a long and pretty exhausting day, but I’ve enjoyed it very much.

It all started when my alarm clock went crazy at half past six in the morning and woke me up. Now since I had set it at that time the night before this was nothing to worry about and it’s only function is to wake me up so it was presumably only giving that single goal it’s very best at that moment. Later on I realized that this was even earlier than usually I get up during the rest of the week so … It was kind of odd, let’s just leave it at that for now.

The main reason why I was up that early was a promise I made to my dad to drive him and Margot to the airport that morning and we had agreed that I would be at their door somewhere around eight. Since, when driving normal, it’s a three quarters of an hour trip and I didn’t want to be late of course.

When I got there we packed all their stuff into the IFO (which can be surprisingly roomy when needed ;-) and got on our way to Amsterdam. Since your truly was the designated driver we got there in no time (no, haven’t lost that touch yet ;-), with literally a couple of hours to spare.

After the checking in we sat down for a huge cup of coffee which basically was my breakfast for the day. Boy I needed both the coffee and the sitting badly. With my back not being the strongest I get major troubles when I’m just standing on my feet, while walking and sitting gives me no problems at all. So I was glad I could sit down for a minute.

Then I whished them a good flight and went on my way for the drive home. When I got to the IFO I thought it would be nice to pay my sister, Stevie and little Eva a visit since that had been some time ago already and they were kind of on route home.

My sister must have had that same thought because she said that she’d asked my voicemail box just about the same thing. Great minds think alike is what they say, but any more alike and it gets a little scary ;-)

So about an our later I was there, just in time for lunch. Eva was already set in her chair for lunch and started smiling at me when I came in. Simply wonderful. That small gesture alone makes you forget everything and let’s you enjoy the moment.

After lunch we played around a bit with the little girl and watched her have fun with the blocks and her personal basket. She’s so careful with grabbing anything and putting it into that basket and out of it again, it’s sweet to look at.

Then in the afternoon we watched another good race of the A1 Grand Prix series. ‘Our’ Dutch team unfortunately got driven off the road in a non-gentlemen’s racer fashion but managed to keep the damage small and still finish the race. He was running second when that happened so pretty bad timing to get a little nudge to the wrong side.

In the end I wasn’t home that late so I could get a bit of my sleep back from the morning. However a returning problem of the past couple of weeks is that I tend to sleep really bad some nights. I just lay awake for hours on end, or wake up way too early, that sort of stuff. My back is acting up again a bit and I think that this sleeping problems have something to do with that. We’ll see where this goes, but I hope it’s not going to last that long as I’m feeling more and more busted.

But, those small details aside, I had a great day and it was really nice to be with the family in Wageningen again.

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