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A ’sparkling’ day

This morning on my way to work I saw a strange accident on the highway. A brown metallic Fiat Punto looked like it was being chased by a VW Passat. It had to be a chase because their individual distance was so little that this had to be something more than just traffic following each other.

While looking at it I thought I remember thinking that had I been driving that Punto I would have given that Passat something to think about and remember me by … I just absolutely hate tailgating, it’s high in my top 10 of all time most irritating traffic situations.

Back to the Punto. While looking at her bumper I noticed that the exhaust pipe was hanging from under it a bit odd. Not the usual horizontal position but it looked like it had broken and was hanging from only the last mounting point and nothing else.

When I came to the ‘e’ of the ‘nothing else’ part, that last mounting point gave up too and the exhaust came all loose entirely. So it bounced on the highway with a shower of sparks coming from under the Punto. Then it left the Punto and I think it bounced two times before it reached the Passat which ran straight over it, braking like crazy.

I couldn’t help grinning, he got what he deserved. That’ll teach him. And for us, the other people in traffic, it was a nice spectacle to watch with the sparks and all that. :-)

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