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Three times lucky?

Well erhm … yes and no.

Last night we had planned on playing the third game of those three with the guys from Doetinchem, a home game for them. So this time we made sure we would get there in time and pulled it off nicely.

However when we got there it seemed all the tables had been reserved for other people so there were no tables for our competition game.

First the guys each had their go at trying to arrange the snooker tables for us anyway but it just couldn’t be done. Then they first offered us the nine to zero victory on paper but because we rather play for the points we liked the second option better: head over to the snooker center at Zevenaar and play the game there.

Insiders probably remember our history with the various teams from Zevenaar so to the guys over there it was a fun surprise to see us coming in with not even a scheduled game to play. And we thought the whole situation was quite funny too so we were in good spirits when we began our competition.

After we finished the game we were even happier because we had another victory game to add to the list. Granted it was ‘just’ a five to four victory but add to that our other two victories and you could say that we did okay.

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