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Bad snooker, good snooker

Life has it’s little oddities sometimes. Take yesterdays snooker for example. As usual we were there just in time and I lost all my three frames fairly easy. Didn’t have to do much for that to happen.

It just wasn’t in my hands last night. I got plenty of nice chances from my opponents but somehow I just couldn’t make the best of it. Every now and then I can’t get my snooker act together and the cue ball simply doesn’t end up where I’d want it to and the result is that you don’t pot the balls. Easy.

What’s even more concerning is the fact that I won every single frame the team and I played after the competition game and I have no idea where that sudden highlight came from.

So I might just need to give in a little and do a little warm-up before the competition games from now on. I guess this is what getting old feels like *grin*

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