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Feeling fine

I haven’t been posting much updates (if any) to my site over the past couple of weeks basically because nothing really worth mentioning happened. I’ve been working, playing snooker and messing around at home most of the time and not much exiting happened.

There have of course been some changes at work with which I’m slowly getting familiar again. This also means that I’m slowly becoming the old Biek again which pleases both me as it seems to do my employer. A classic win-win situation, and it feels good to be back in business.

Snooker has been absolutely great over the past couple of weeks so me feeling good also reflects on the game again. To think that I was seriously considering quitting snooker just a couple of weeks ago now seems like a strange idea. It’s funny how things like this can suddenly turn around sometimes.

The GPRT, my sim racing team, is slowly growing a bit and gained a few members over the past weeks too. I have to admit that I really like that very, very much. In a way it’s a kind of reward for all the energy I’ve been putting in over the years now that I see that so called foreign members (as in non-relatives or direct friends) are joining up and racing with us.

And if that fact alone wasn’t cool enough, the also slowly expanding starting field on the grid at the beginning (and finishes too of course) of our races is absolutely fantastic and the races themselves are so much more alive too. Marvelous, got to love that.

The bottom-line I guess is that I feel fine.

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  1. Stevie
    Jun 9, 2006 at 12:03

    I’d like those positive “no at hand” stories as well :)and the growing bit of GPRT too… it’s indeed mostly your effort. THX bro…we’ve got a forum ….erm….website. LOL

  2. Jun 9, 2006 at 19:15

    Thank you too Stevie, had you guys not been around me it could well have been GPR … The Giant Pixel Racer … ;-)–>

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