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Shopping for shoes

Yes that’s right, this afternoon I’ve been shopping for shoes. But not for me, I spend the afternoon with my sister and my little niece and it’s her who we were shopping for.

She now has shoe size 19 would you believe it, this ‘little’ girl is growing fast I tell you. Anyway, like I hear from colleagues shopping for shoes with a lady takes forever.

And here I was, shopping for shoes with two …

Eva can walk pretty good already but to take her for a walk for the entire afternoon is a bit too much so they have a kind of tricycle from which they can disable the pedals so they run free and there is a rod on the backside which enables us to push, and more importantly, steer the tricycle.

We had a great time though and my niece was absolutely adorable throughout the whole afternoon. Waving to everyone, calling ‘hi’ to whoever wanted to hear it. She’s adorable, absolutely great.

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