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They did it again, the pixel Gods from Pixar and Walt Disney have released yet another one of their very cool animation movies titled Cars and I tell you people it’s absolutely fantastic. Go see it. Now. Yeah, I’ll wait. ;-)

Welcome back! :-)

First of all I love animation movies, for example both of the Toy Stories, Schreck (part one) and the Incredibles, are movies you can wake me up for anytime. Of course there are plenty more I wouldn’t mind waking up for, but these just sprung to mind.

And now they have made another masterpiece and done it about my all time favorite topic: Cars! And for as far as I’m concerned, they couldn’t have done it any better, I enjoyed that movie frame by frame from start to finish. It’s simply phenomenal.

You’ll have to watch it a couple of times at least, so you’ll see all of the little details they put in that movie. It’s astonishing what they came up with in terms of gadgets, locations, names, etc. Simply brilliant.

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