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Dad’s down

I’m writing this from my dad’s home while I’m awaiting the results from a checkdisk (old DOS stuff but still very handy sometimes) which is running on a (pretty slow) PC that needed fixing. Dad’s back has given up and he’s really suffering a lot at the moment.

It’s heart breaking to see him, almost completely dozed off because of extremely heavy painkillers he’s been given. And those are not even strong enough to take away all the pain. When he’s not doing anything for a moment he’s falling asleep again because of them.

It’s really not good this time. He’s having a infection which needs to be cured first before his back can be put back into place. I’m not quite up to speed on the medical terms in English unfortunately but I’ll try to look them up later on when I get home.

Anyway, I sure hope that he’ll recover soon or at least becomes a little more mobile again because right now he can’t move an inch without going through the roof because of the pain.

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