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Dad’s a little better

When I first got at my dad’s home this afternoon it all looked like going very, very wrong. He was in such enourmous amount of pain and the pfysio therapist that had visited earlier had made it very clear that he would like to see my dad being hospitalised so they could get him well there.

Later on the doctor (finally) came along and had a good chat with my dad and gave him a little massage too and strangely enough my dad seemed to feel a little bit better when the doctor left. He could move about a little bit too. I sure hope that whatever both the doc and the therapist did made the difference my dad needed and that he’s now on his way to full recovery.

Just in case I phoned up Philips and asked them if I could reserve the afternoon’s off for the next week so I can help out if needed. Of course I hope it’s not needed but you never know, now do you.

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