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First time lucky

The first time. That phrase brings back so many memories, mostly good, of all kinds of different events. The first time I fell in love, or went to the technical school, drove a moped, kissed a girl, built my own PC, bought a car, won a GPL race, etc. All of them very nice memories.

And now I can add another great one to the top of this list: the first time I officially fulfilled my roll as an uncle and baby-sitted my niece Eva. She’s such a sweetheart and a true joy to be around. And tonight I had her all to myself! I tell you I’ve been counting down to this evening ever since I was asked to look after Eva tonight.

When my sister and Stevie left Eva and I waved them off without any problems and went back inside. There we played a few games, built a couple of block towers, read a book, watched the electric train go by a few laps, did some jigsaw puzzling, etc. Basically just having a great time together.

Then it was time for diner and when I asked Eva if she was hungry a well spoken ‘yes’ and a firm nod of her head was the answer. Alrighty!. :-) I then asked her if she knew what was for diner to which she replied ‘pa-tha’, her sweet pronunciation of ‘pasta’ which was what we were having tonight. She’s a smart little one that girl, there’s no denying that.

While bringing her diner she was already sitting in her chair, fork and spoon ready to dive in. The noodle like pasta we were having however weren’t that easy to keep on the spoon for her so she handed over the tools and let me feed her the rest of the diner. I can’t believe that there are easier going girls from that age. There’s just no way.

After she finished she had a small scary moment when she all of a sudden had to sneeze and inadvertently knocked over her drink. She was a little shook about it as she didn’t see that coming but I quickly assured her there was absolutely no harm done and she started smiling again. And what a smile … :-)

She then played around a little but more until it was time for bed. During diner she had yawned a little bit already and after diner she looked really tired. When I asked her if she maybe wanted to go to bed she immediately said yes, grabbed her bear and needed about three steps to be waiting for me at the door.

I wrapped her into a fresh pair of diapers and her sleeping outfit, read her a story, played a bit with her on the big bed and then put her to bed, after first whishing all the animals in bed a good night sleep.

She dozed off almost immediately and only slightly woke up around a quarter past nine. I went up, took her on my arm and swayed her back to sleep. She wrapped herself around me and I could feel her breathing becoming more slowly and relaxed and when I couldn’t stand up anymore (my back acts up badly when standing straight for too long) I put her back down and she continued sleeping from then on.

She’s a little princess that one, and not just when she’s asleep. You just can’t help loving that little being, adorable as she is. And she keeps amazing me how incredibly smart she is. For someone her age, which is about a year and a half now, she’s so independent already and knows how to express herself so well already. It’s amazing, truly amazing.

I’ve got to do this more often, this isn’t just quality time: it’s top-quality time. Priceless!

I’m such a lucky uncle. :-)

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